Tuesday, August 14, 2018

15 of 58 for 58: Cherish Evidence of Your Impact

I like to think I have a positive impact on people and circumstances I encounter everyday.  It's hard to know, though, in the absence of any feedback.

That's why I look for tangible evidence of my impact. Consider the image below. It's the scan of a card I received from interns at San Francisco change agency swirl | mcgarrybowen. The firm had hired me to facilitate their intern's capstone experience.  

I love this card. I've saved it in a binder, with other cards and momentos I've received over the years.

Collectively, these items add up to a repository of words and pages. They testify to the impact I've had on others. I can look at it anytime to gain nourishment and inspiration. That's especially vital on days where I may wonder about the difference I make.

I cherish such evidence of my impact. It keeps me going, striving ever to do greater things.  

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