Tuesday, October 16, 2018

41 of 58 for 58: Don't Wait for Things to Happen

It's the time of year when I begin to reflect on the year's developments. I review my vision board. I note accomplishments. I identify areas where I made some progress towards achieving goals. 

Then, finally, I come to those outcomes I've told myself I want but have done little to make happen. In fact, I've been waiting for these things to happen.

I somehow believe that putting my wish out to the universe will help me to manifest what I want. Or perhaps I'll do a modicum of work. I'll send an email or two. Make a phone call. Even speak with someone live and in-person.

But the fact remains that I'm not doing the work that I know needs to be done. The work I'm engaged in wishful thinking. I'm waiting for someone else to respond, possibly even to take the lead.

I'm waiting for things to happen.

I know from experience that my waiting will only beget more waiting. My inertia builds on itself. It's harder for me to get going; my goal remains ever more elusive.

That's why I cannot wait. I need to get into action. I need to do something. Because otherwise things won't happen. 

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