Thursday, August 16, 2018

17 of 58 for 58: If You Can't Add Value, Stop Talking

I have lots of opinions on many topics. I’ve marshalled evidence to support some of them; others rest on a mélange of enthusiasm and belief.

Yes, I’m passionate when I express my opinions. Sometimes that energy gets the better of me. That’s especially true when I’m simply one misinformed or uninformed voice.

I can add value to a discussion when I find opportunities to share opinions based on a solid foundation. They’re grounded in research, personal experience, or some combination of the two.  I feel good when I contribute in such circumstances.

In contrast, I see how my unsupported opinions add little. They contribute to the steady cacophony that surrounds us. More importantly, I can spiral downward into frustration, bitterness, and even anger. That’s what happens when I’m struggling to be heard—just one voice, one strong opinion among many clamoring for attention.

As a result, I’ve challenged myself to remain quiet when I believe I have nothing substantive to add to a conversation. By limiting my energies in this way, I feel less stressed and more effective in my surroundings. And I'm a lot happier as well. 

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