Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Should I Go on an Interview if I Don't Want the Job?


When times are tough (as they are now), it's tempting to consider any job interview opportunity as a victory -- not to mention a chance to practice your interview skills. One might also engage in wishful thinking, hoping (and expecting) that the interview itself will result in a magical transformation leading you (the job seeker) to actually want this very job that you only hours before had disdained.

Don't give in to either tendency. Don't waste your time (or the prospective employer's) chasing options that don't appeal to you. Life is too short. Focus your energies on looking for what you want. You'll do far better in an interview for a position you truly want than in one you have to force yourself to go on. Trust me on this point, as I speak from experience!

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Sam said...

My completely unvalidated opinion on this topic would be to go ahead and do the interview.

You may be surprised by the experience, and change your mind. You may be a good fit for other positions at the company later on down the road. Companies these days engage in 'talent pooling' in which they maintain databases of candidates for future openings. Having a positive interview on the books will certainly give you more weight for future consideration.

Not to mention from a simple networking perspective it is never a bad idea to meet with prospective employers in your field.

Just my .02