Sunday, April 25, 2021

Personal Knowledge Mastery Course with Harold Jarche: Reflections After the First Two Weeks

I've complete the first two weeks of a forty day course on Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), taught by Harold Jarche. Check out my four previous blog posts on this experience here, here, here, and here

As I've read course materials, completed the exercises, and thought about the course content, a number of points come to mind. They are as follows:

  • PKM is a process that takes time to fully understand, embrace, and practice. It takes effort. It offers neither a simple nor easy path. It's unreasonable to expect to achieve anything close to mastery in forty days. 
  • PKM requires proactivity. I can no longer sit back and accept whatever information comes my way, much less where I obtain it from. 
  • PKM requires vulnerability and an appetite for risk taking, seeing how I'm sharing what I do, how I think about it, and my experiences in applying new ideas, among other activities.
  • PKM is about social learning, which is very much the antithesis of my largely solitary learning experiences as a student and practitioner from the earliest part of my life through the present day.
  • PKM changes for each of us over time, as we learn and change and as new tools and options emerge to help us "seek, sense, and share" information.
  • There's no "secret sauce" or formulas to "achieve" PKM. It requires methodicalness, patience, and persistence.
  • There's no guarantee of any specific result or outcome through the practices associated with PKM. 
  • PKM isn't about achieving "social media influencer" status, acquiring a certain number of Twitter followers, number of retweets or page views, or any other such metrics typically used to currently assess Internet behaviors.
  • PKM isn't one size fits all. It's up to me to determine how I can best apply the lessons I'm learning. I'm eager to see how others apply course concepts while at the same time I remind myself to adopt only what I works for me. 

No doubt I'll glean additional insight about PKM in the days and weeks ahead, which I will continue to share here. 

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