Monday, April 12, 2021

Personal Knowledge Mastery Course with Harold Jarche: Day 1

I've signed up for Harold Jarche's 40 day Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) course. Jarche defines PKM as a set of processes to make sense of our world so as to work more effectively. 

I only learned about PKM and Jarche's work ten days ago, in the process of listening to podcasts related to higher education. I was captivated by an interview with him, and quickly felt a sense of "this is exactly what I need, and now." I'll elaborate.

I often feel I'm spread pretty thin professionally, not to mention intellectually. I'm one of those people who easily can get lost chasing a variety of topics on the internet. Fortunately, I've curbed this behavior of late although focus and a broader purpose continues to be a challenge in my daily work.

Second, I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I come across during my own browsing (not to mention what people are sharing in my social network feeds). I tend to ignore, rather than attempt to make sense of, this information. I'm hopeful that the course will help me to tackle this challenge head on, and in turn broaden my knowledge base and hone my insight into key challenges I face as an educator. 

Third, while I've developed some relationships born out of professional interests via social media, I continue to feel like I'm floundering around in an echo chamber. I'm inspired by what I've been reading/listening to regarding sharing knowledge and building community in terms of an "outcome" of PKM. 

Finally, I simply love learning about how people get and stay organized. I've read a bunch of "here's how I used PKM" pieces on the Internet and I found each fascinating, informative, and (here I go again with the word) inspiring. You can check some of these out here, here, here, and here

Our first activity is to visualize our network. I'll share the fruits of my labor on this assignment here in the coming days.

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