Monday, March 1, 2021

The Best Teaching Evaluation I've Ever Received

I'm still speechless after reading this comment from a student on a course evaluation form I received in 2020. It's inspired me to think about new ways to share how I do what I do with current and aspiring educators. If you're interested in learning more contact me directly; otherwise, stay tuned for details.

"I really, really enjoyed Mitchell as a professor. . . The professionalism that Mitchell displays sets the tone for the course. He is both personable and realistic – which made the class a pleasure. The lack of pressure was so inviting that it made me wish the course was longer, or that Mitchell could lead all the other courses. Something I really appreciated was the constant collaboration Mitchell engaged in: always asking the class for feedback and input, requesting personal stories and dialogue. I learned more about the subject than I thought I would have."

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