Thursday, December 27, 2018

57 of 58 for 58: Work Hard to Change Yourself, Not Other People

I've lost track of the hours I've spent trying to change other people. For example. consider my first boss. He had a habit of micromanaging staff, me included. Clearly, I argued, he was blind to my obvious talent and ability. He needed to change! I deserved better! 

It took me many years to realize the foolish of my ways. Waiting for other people to change is a recipe for failure. People only change if they want to do so. 

More importantly, if I'm so busy trying to change people, I'm not working on changing myself. And that's the only person I can control.

So I spend my time now working to change myself. And when I encounter someone who doesn't "do things my way," I look in the mirror and double down on my efforts to improve. And, inevitably, that concerted effort helps me to steer clear of any roadblocks in my work and life. 

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