Wednesday, December 12, 2018

54 of 58 for 58: It's Not the Goal That's Important, It's What You Become in the Process of Achieving It That Matters

You set a goal. You take discrete, concrete steps, every day, to achieve it. And you do.You rejoice, at least privately. You might even celebrate with others. 

Then the noise subsides. Life returns to normal, whatever that means for you. The glow of your achievement lingers, although it burns a bit less brightly day by day.

But then it dawns on you: it’s not the goal itself that’s important, it’s what you’ve become in the process. 

You’ve changed. Perhaps fundamentally. The world may pause to celebrate your new advanced degree, book, or successful entrepreneurial venture. But you know the real value of your experience remains out of their sight. 

You think differently. You feel differently. You’ve become a different person.

Because you laid out a path to achieve a goal. And succeeded. The path itself was filled with riches. The goal itself, only was the cherry on the sundae.

It’s what you’ve become while working towards the goal that matters. And it will sustain you for far longer than any bright, shiny object you acquired ever can.  

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