Tuesday, October 2, 2018

38 of 58 for 58: Get Out of Your Head

I have a propensity for living in my head. In fact, I’ve done it for most of my life.

On the one hand, living in my head has served me well. I’ve applied my brain power to succeed in school. I landed a series of jobs, and clients, and in the process applied my brain power.  

On the other hand, I tend to act as if I consist solely of what's above my neck. I’ve neglected my body. This has changed, albeit slowly.

What’s more problematic is that I think I can tackle every challenge with my brain power alone. I work to analyze, assess, consider alternatives, etc. I strive to figure things out. It’s often hard, exhausting work. And as I’ve come to realize, in time it can be counterproductive.

You can only think so much. Analysis has its limits. Overanalysis can hurt—as can “trying harder.”

In short, living in my head alone can be dangerous. It can serve as a prison that keeps me shackled to my unique mélange of logic, fear, anxiety, and worry. I remain aloof from myself and others. I shun feelings as well as any intuition I can tap into.

When I get out of my head, things shift. I expose my internal thought processes to the sunlight. Ideas shed their worn skins. I feel better, lighter. I feel connected to myself and others. I feel totally alive. These good things happen when I get out of my head.

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