Friday, July 21, 2017

A Personal Branding Lament (in verse)

They say I need a personal brand
And should be able to concoct one on demand
But doesn't that just mean
What I want the world to glean
Is a polished veneer of what I say I want to manifest?

Maybe I just want to be my best
With alacrity, panache, and zest
Just like all the rest?
How frustrated I am by this thorny request

Perception over reality
Looking good as the finality
I just want to be met where I am
Even less than a radiant gem
Bereft of the jester’s playful attire
From that I can only retire

Leaving to my inner brokenness to inspire
Only then—and only then
Can I tiptoe across the wire
Building what is
And what might be
Something all can see

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