Monday, June 25, 2012

Presentation: "PR Professional as Trusted Advisor"

This Wednesday evening, June 27, 2012, I'll be speaking to PR Divas, a San Francisco-based networking group of public relations professionals. The title of my talk is "Public Relations Professional as Trusted Advisor." Here's the promotional copy for the event.

Public relations professionals need to aspire to participate in strategic decision-making processes at the highest levels of their organizations, especially in situations that involve mission critical operations if not the overall viability of the entities themselves. To achieve such access and the status as trusted advisors to C level executives, practitioners must cultivate a range of aptitudes and skills if they are to succeed in wielding their influence.

This presentation will identify and describe the core competencies necessary for becoming a trusted advisor to senior executives, and when and how they might be applied. Whether you work as an independent consultant, for an agency, or in-house, you will learn the skills and aptitudes you’ll need to influence developments at the highest levels of your organization.

There's a bigger picture here: public relations professionals need to expand the scope of their inquiry and engagement in professional duties, and in turn how they interact with the organizations they represent. Professional development plays a large role here, and I'll be commenting on that topic in my presentation as well.

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