Monday, April 11, 2011

Presentation: "Twitter as a Guerrilla Marketing Tool"

Tonight I'm speaking to Professor Leslie Goldgehn's Guerrilla Marketing class about how to best employ Twitter. Here's a summary of the key points I will discuss:

1. Consider Twitter above all as a tool to engage in conversation; foster connection; and build community. Achieving these objectives transcends any specific marketing efforts you may pursue (communication and understanding/trust come before marketing).

2. More specifically, use Twitter to gain insight and understanding on relevant topics; to share information and individual perspectives; and to rally others to a cause or issue.

3. After you establish a Twitter account, you can quickly gain followers by clicking "Who to Follow," "Find Friends," and follow the instructions.

4. You can also find people to follow by exploring Twitter's recommendations, not to mention seeing who follows individuals you already follow. 

5. Hashtags (indicated by # before a word) indicate a broad topic of interest (or simply a way of labeling tweets so others can find them), and are an excellent tool for tapping into a broader community of people who are interested in the same topic.

6. Your tweets can consist of links to articles, observations, and/or developments in your life you consider of potential interest to follows. Whatever approach you choose, consider how you can add value to the ongoing discussion on myriad topics that is the Twitter experience.

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