Friday, December 28, 2018

58 of 58 for 58: Done, But Just for Now

This post represents the last in my series entitled "58 for 58." I produced one blog post to highlight a different "lesson learned" for each year I've been alive. I proclaimed the goal here on this blog, without thinking too deeply how I was going to complete it. Where would the topics come from? Would I have the discipline to write so regularly? And would anyone care?

The topics came, as much from me going on about my daily life and paying attention to "signs" from the university. And so I wrote. And gleefully so. 

I cared. A lot. And that's the only person who really matters, in this instance.

So I'm done. Done!? Yes indeed, but only for now.

I've learned to celebrate getting things done. Just as importantly, I now recognize that something is always in the process of getting done. "Done" happens for an instance, if that long, moreover. 

The paper I have that's due? I'll make the deadline. I'll be "done." But I'm already revising and rewriting, in my head if not my notebook.

So, I celebrate what's been done today. At the same time, I know that life continues to hand me more opportunities to do, to contribute, to achieve. And I welcome them all. 

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