Friday, November 30, 2018

53 of 58 for 58: Don't Fret About "Getting Karma" or Winning Awards

I recently created an account on Reddit. I respond to posts on career development, public relations, and higher education. 

As a result, I’m accumulating “karma” points. Reddit users can award “karma” to recognize valuable contributions.

It’s nice to know there’s a metric for acknowledging solid participation. But I’m wary of spending too much time thinking about it. 

I know if I focus on winning points, I’ll compromise what I share and how I do so. In other words, I’ll work to “game” the system by creating content which I believe will earn “karma.”

Regarding “getting karma” and winning awards, I’ve learned the following. Even with criteria, decisions ultimately boil down to a mix of factors that often defy logic. So, my efforts to “succeed” in these senses often flounders. I do what I believe will “win,” in the process compromising myself and my values. Then I’m stumped and frustrated when the prize escapes my grasp.

In response, I monitor my behavior so I avoid striving for such acclaim. That means I no longer spend time calculating how to earn “karma” or other win awards. I just do my best. That’s more than good enough. And it’s enormously satisfying in and of its own right. 

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