Tuesday, November 27, 2018

51 of 58 for 58: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Our hyperconnected world offers many opportunities. Ease of access to people and resources looms among the most significant.

What does this mean? No matter the problem or challenge, someone has successfully confronted it. More likely, many people have done so.

So, we need not feel alone when faced with what seems insurmountable. We need not throw up our hands in despair.

Instead, we can stand on the shoulders of the giants. Those individuals who’ve walked the path we’re just starting out on. People who struggled with anxiety and self-doubt related to the task at hand, like we have.

People who’ve overcome all obstacles to achieve the goal we want to achieve. We can learn from them.

The giants are all around us. It may take some effort to connect with one, but it’s possible. More so than ever before.

We are not alone, regardless of how we feel. Others can help us. We need to reach out to seek their guidance and support. We can stand on the shoulders of these giants.

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