Tuesday, November 6, 2018

47 of 58 for 58: Strive Relentlessly to Understand Context

My current actions fall somewhere on a continuum that spans multiple dimensions. These dimensions are enlivened by different, distinct contexts.

There's the context of my entire life, starting with my birth and continuing to the present day. Specifically, it encompasses thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as I navigate my surroundings. It's inspired by my ongoing interpretation and reinterpretation of the narrative of my life. 

Then there's the physical context; that is, where I live, play, and work. 

Finally, there's the context provided by the world around me. I'm one individual along for the ride on the grand carousel of history. That encompasses the past, present, future, and my ongoing efforts to make sense of them. 

Ignoring these layers of context hurts me. When I do so I feel alone, isolated, and even insignificant. Facile attempts to understand them do not serve me so well either.  

To live a full, rich life means I embrace these contexts wholeheartedly. I work to understand them. I work hard to make sense of my worlds. I draw on my knowledge and insight. I commit to investigate further as needed. At the same time, I dismiss superficial analyses. I reject attempts to compare that obfuscate rather than illuminate. 

My life is meaningless without understanding and embracing its contexts. So, I strive relentlessly to do so, every day.

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