Monday, October 29, 2018

45 of 58 for 58: You Can Always Be Clearer

I aim to be as crystal clear as possible in my writing and speaking. I like to think I do a pretty good job. But as I repeatedly must learn, I can always do better.

My best intentions don't matter. I cannot create a mind meld with intended audiences during my communication. That's not the way communication works. There's lots of competition for my message. Even if I'm able to cut through this noise, my message may be misunderstood.

I also sometimes forget that I am not my audience. They don't know what I know. They don’t believe what I believe.  In other words, my ego can lead me to project my worldview onto my audience. I fall short in communicating with them as a result. 

In short, what's crystal clear to me often isn’t so to my audience. So, I continue to strive to be clearer. Because to be an effective communicator demands nothing less. 

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