Monday, September 24, 2018

33 of 58 for 58: Strive to Act with Your Best, Highest Self in Mind

I've struggled with self-doubt on and off over the years. Thoughts such as "I'm not enough" or "I haven't accomplished anything" flitted through my mind.  

Such thinking limits what I think and create. It constrains the parameters of my actions. 

In contrast, I believe in my inherent goodness. That enables me to see my potential. In turn, I believe in my skills and abilities. I'm confident and self-assured. At the same time I remain humble, seeing how the pendulum can swing in the other direction.

I often need reminders on what it's like when I am my best self. Sometimes other people provide them. At other times, I tap into resources at my disposal that testify to my achievement. 

When I act with this higher self in mind, life is grand. But it's an ongoing challenge to do so. Historical negativity cannot be easily dismissed.

I need to remain hyper aware of voices that guide my actions. When necessary, I must take corrective action. When I do, I am richly rewarded. 

That's how I aim daily to act with my best, highest self in mind. The effort is worth it.

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