Tuesday, September 4, 2018

24 of 58 for 58: Be Willing to Forgive (even when you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do so)

I’m unable to forgive three people. I’ve struggled to do so for the past three years.

When I was hurting, they I feel they turned on me—individually and collectively. It’s not like I was expecting their unbridled support. That said, the chain of events that transpired was light years from what I ever imagined.

It still hurts to think about what happened. And I can’t let it go. I know holding on in this way hurts me, not them.

Someday I hope to find a way to forgive them. But not right now.

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up trying to do so. It just means that I’m not ready.

I’ve learned that’s the way forgiveness works. It can take time. No matter how powerful the rationale for forgiving someone, it still takes time. Even if when you’re willing, it still can take time.

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