Thursday, August 30, 2018

23 of 58 for 58: Let Others Take the Lead in Singing Your Praises

I’ve never been entirely comfortable marketing myself. More specifically, I don’t care for the never-ending practice of self-praise that it seems to require.

It’s not based on a lack of confidence. It’s not from a lack of clarity about what I can achieve. It’s a simple matter of the perceived value of such language.

I can proclaim I’m authentic, enthusiastic, magical, etc. with all the energy I can muster. That’s what I believe about myself. Or it’s what I want to believe.

But how do others actually perceive me? What words do they use? I believe their experience with me trumps any superlatives I can use to describe myself. I turn to them whenever possible to demonstrate my value. 

In short, I don’t want to be another voice in the world proclaiming how great I am. That’s why I let others take the lead in singing my praises.

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