Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Does Networking Fit in Your Organization's Culture?

Does the culture of your organization support internal networking? That's a critical component in any effort to build a networking within your company, and I'll point to Baber and Waymon's thoughts as a jumping-off point for discussing the intersection of culture and networking. More specifically, consider the following questions:

* Do senior managers recognize the importance of internal networking? Do they spend time reaching out and building relationships with people across the organization?

* Is training on networking provided, and is it considered a vital part of the regular work day?

* Is participation in cross-functional teams and other efforts with individuals across the organization considered a regular element in your organization's approach to business?

* Are networking activities included in your activities/goals, and are you assessed on your efforts to network internally as part of your regular performance review? Are you acknowledged/rewarded when your networking contributes to the success of the organization?

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