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I've been studying focusing, an internally oriented process that attempts to probe an internal knowing that isn't quite ready to be explained in words. I took the first three parts of a four-part focusing course a few years ago, and I'm finding it increasingly relevant and valuable as a complement to my meditation practice.

I'm currently teaching "Defense-Focused Managerial Inquiry" (a class that helps students get started on their final or capstone projects). Students in this class are enrolled in a broad range of master's degree programs offered by the Naval Postgraduate School. This summer, I'll be teaching the course to students enrolled in a one-year Master of Science degree in Leadership Education and Development program, which provides graduate education and preparation for Junior Officers to serve as Company Officers at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) and for continued future service in the Navy and Marine Corps. 

I'm also teaching "Leading Innovative Organizations and People" during the Summer Quarter 2024. 

In addition, I'm beginning my third year as facilitator of Leadership Monterey County.

I'm continuing my service as Public Relations Committee Chair for the Rotary Club of Monterey. I'm also part of the committee planning the club's 100th anniversary celebration on February 10, 2024. Check out the club's Facebook page to learn more about its activities. Finally, I've been asked to serve on its Board of Directors starting in July 2024. 

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Updated April 3, 2024

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