What I'm Doing Now

I'm putting together a research study on how Public Information Officers (PIOs) at government and other public sector agencies manage their emergency response tasks. Review an abstract for that study here

I'm teaching two sections of a class on communication strategy for leaders to students enrolled in the MBA program at the Naval Postgraduate School. 

I'm teaching a course entitled "The Ethical Organization" for master's and doctoral students in education at University of San Francisco.

I've submitted two case studies for publication in a book entitled Ethical Decision-Making: Case Studies in Organization and Leadership. It will come out sometime in 2018. 

I'm developing and delivering a Webinar on "Moving Out of Our Comfort Zones" for PCI Webinars on March 6, 2018. For more details go here. I'll be posting to my blog on that subject before that date. 

Finally, I'll be taking a seminar covering online teaching effectiveness offered by AACSB starting on February 12, 2018. To read more go here

And so you can see everything I've ever done professionally in one place (😁), note that I've added a link to my current CV. You can view it here.

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Updated January 17, 2018

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