Monday, June 14, 2021

"Special Act Award" Received for My Curriculum Planning Contributions

I recently received a "Special Act Award" for my work at the Naval Postgraduate School, as follows:

"This special act award recognizes Senior Lecturer Friedman for his personal initiative and leadership in developing an interdisciplinary certificate delivered jointly by faculty of the NPS (Naval Postgraduate School) Computer Science Department and GSDM (Graduate School of Defense Management). Mitchell worked extensively with Computer Science faculty members to ensure that a robust level of managerial communications material was included in the certificate curriculum, and he provided sound advice and recommendations on the certificate structure and delivery, which will help ensure its appeal to a broad range of NPS students. Mitchell's efforts are the epitome of and set the standard for the type of interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination envisioned in the NPS mission. This certificate will have lasting significant benefit for a broad range of students and DoD (Department of Defense) components."

I received two "Special Act Awards" in the past, the first in 2019 for my contributions to the school's strategic communications planning, and the second in 2020 for my achievements in transitioning from face-to-face to online learning during the pandemic. 

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