Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Acceptance into Fulbright Specialist Program

I’ve been accepted for admission into the Fulbright Specialist Program, which is part of the larger Fulbright Program. It offers year-round project opportunities for qualified U.S. academics and professionals of two to six weeks in length with host institutions outside the U.S. (primarily universities). These institutions look to Specialists to deliver seminars, trainings or workshops; consult on faculty or workforce development; develop academic or training curricula and materials; lecture at the graduate or undergraduate level; and other complete other related activities—all of which support the host institution’s priorities and goals. 

Now that I’ve been accepted into this program, I am eligible to be matched with approved projects designed by host institutions in over 150 countries. My next step, therefore, is to apply for specific projects that fit my geographic interests (Europe), academic discipline (business), other qualifications, and availability. It’s a two part-process, in other words. My appointment is for four years. 

I’ve had serving as Fulbright Specialist in my sights for many years, so this represents a significant professional achievement for me. I look forward to sharing with you details on projects I’ve been matched with over the months and years to come. 

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