Wednesday, September 26, 2018

35 of 58 for 58: When You Get to the Front of the Line, Know What You Want

You wait, trying to be patient. The line snakes through the room, out the entrance doors, perhaps even into the street. Seconds seem like hours; hours, like days. You’re fidgety, anxious, and even worried. Will you ever get to the front of the line? To kill time and keep your demons at bay, you try to make small talk with other people who are waiting. Or play endlessly with your phone. 

It’s all a means of distraction, however, and eventually you’ll arrive at the front of the line. Are you ready? Do you know what you want?

We never know if or when we’ll get to the front of the line, whether that’s at work, in relationships, or elsewhere in our lives.  Regardless, we must be ready. We may only have one opportunity, one chance to seize the brass ring we’ve long coveted. So, we must prepare. We must make ourselves ready. Because when the opportunity presents itself, we must seize it--lest someone else do so. Or perhaps circumstances have charged and it's no longer a good time for our request. Regardless, we may never have another opportunity like the one presented to us right now. 

So, don’t just wait passively in line. Don’t aimlessly kill time. Do whatever you can to get clear about what you want when you have the opportunity to do so. Be ready to ask for what you want when you reach the front of the line.

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