Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell, University of San Francisco

My contract at the University of San Francisco (USF) ended July 31, and I will not be returning as a full-time employee the upcoming fall semester. Having recently completed my doctorate while earning outstanding teaching evaluations and a stellar reputation for my prowess in advising students, I believe I'm ready for a new position with expanded responsibilities. Unfortunately, no such opportunity was available at USF's School of Management.

I have been seeking full-time employment in higher education as well as the private sector, and concurrently have been rebuilding my consulting practice. I look forward to sharing details here once my plans are confirmed. I am excited to announce now that this fall I'll be teaching two courses for the University of California, Davis' MBA program (in San Ramon, California) as well as one for West Virginia University's online master's degree program in integrated marketing communications. See my LinkedIn profile for details.

While I am excited about the professional opportunities that await me, I am saddened to be leaving many wonderful colleagues among USF's faculty and staff. I look forward to staying in touch with you.

I will miss terribly the many wonderful students currently enrolled in a USF program, whom I taught, advised, and entertained (!). Yet I have little doubt that you'll succeed with a flourish, and swell the ranks of the many fine USF alumni whom I am proud to have worked with over the years.

I look forward to staying in touch, and invite you to connect to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter if you haven't already done so. You can find my phone number and e-mail address if you're connected to me via the former two networks. Don't hesitate to reach out if I can help you.

My work for the USF's School of Management has been richly rewarding on so many levels, and I'm grateful to have worked with so many fine individuals. Thank you!

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Jill Center said...

What a graceful, gracious leave-taking, along with optimistic news about two upcoming, impressive teaching slots.

Mitchell, you are never idle and always admirable. As you widen your circles, USF students/colleagues, and those new students to come, can only benefit.

Well done, and congratulations! Jill