Friday, June 5, 2009

Show Employers You Want the Job ("Act as if")

When you're in an interview you have to demonstrate genuine passion for the job you seek -- and a fervent desire to work in the related field long-term.

Uncertainty or vagueness about what you want to do in the future -- often accompanied by language such as "I'm not sure" or "I'm exploring a range of opportunities" -- will not serve you well in terms of selling an employer on your desire for a position.

Granted, you may not be certain about the job -- so "act as if" you want it. Muster all your enthusiasm and energy when you apply and interview for the position, so that there's no doubt in the employer's mind that you want the job.

I share these thoughts based on feedback I've received from some employers about USF MBA students communicating such uncertainty during job interviews, which ruled them out for further consideration.

In short, show you care deeply about the field and desire the position -- or else reconsider whether or not to apply, much less to go on the interview at all (should you be fortunate enough to be asked in for one).

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Anonymous said...

I would add that uncertainty or unfamiliarity with a field can be very distracting, and can waste limited interview time or disrupt positive momentum that could otherwise push you along in the interview process. You want your interviewer to be excited about passing you along to the next interviewer in the process. Or, in the event you nail the interview anyways, you may be extended an offer with a limited window to accept it, forcing you to either accept a job you may not like, turning down a job you may like, or trying to buy time so you can make up your mind while confusing everyone involved including yourself!