Thursday, January 22, 2009

Want to Learn about Non-Profit Career Opportunities? Don't ask Nancy Lublin

Some people are better equipped to respond to requests for help than others. More specifically, I believe the appropriate package of kindness, openness, and responsiveness to requests for career or job search assistance is rare indeed -- with potential damage done by a professional ill-suited for such a role. For example, take Fast Company guest columnist Nancy Lublin.

In response to many requests for help about working in the non-profit sector, Lublin responds with sarcasm and self-righteousness. While I agree with her core observations (i.e., poor knowledge if not naivete about work in the non-profit sector, the tendency of job seekers to highlight tasks completed and degrees as opposed to highlighting achievements relevant to non-profit organizations), her tone is unfortunate and risks hurting more than helping individuals who seek her advice -- and may even come back to haunt her should such individuals ever be a position to help the nonprofit organizations with which she is associated.

Lublin maintains that she "takes meetings out of the goodness of her unnaturally large heart." Her response seemingly contradicts that intent. In my mind, she'd be far better off turning down such requests and referring inquiries to those in a better position to help.


Jessica said...

Hi Mitch! I just came across this blog. I look forward to reading it!

Coach Shera (aka Sheryl Sever) said...


Thank you for posting this and speaking your truth.

There are so many so-called "expert" columnists out there- one wonders how they made their way in? I have found myself equally disappointed with the lastest issue of INC. magazine.

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