Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Setting goals for your internal networking effort

I've been asked to address the topic of how to determine individuals in your organization with whom you seek to network. In other words, who are the individuals whose assistance/support is essential for furthering your career?

Before determine with whom you're networking, you'll need to clarify your goals -- by definition, what you hope to have achieved as a result of a series of actions completed over a certain period of time. Do you seek to enrich your current assignment, by assume more responsibility and building closer business and personal relationships with coworkers? Is there a position for which you're being groomed, through a formal succession plan? Do you aspire to a position where there is an informal (or unstated) succession plan? Do you have plans to start a business with your current employer as a client? Do you see your current position as providing valuable, albeit short-term experience necessary for you to achieve your professional goals at another organization (perhaps in another profession?)

I've touched on a few goals here that might inform your networking efforts. These and others you identify will help shape the particulars of your internal networking plan.

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Maureen S said...

I work for a large academic medical center. I have watched several individuals recently get promoted to high level positions who did not seem to be very good at their last positions. One I worked closely with; he didn't do the job he was hired for but pursued something he was more interested in. And yet, everyone liked him and he got promoted. It doesn't seem that hard work or doing your job gets rewarded. What does? What do they know about getting promoted that I don't?

dannielo said...

If you'd like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:


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