Training and Speaking

I develop and deliver educational programs on the following topics:

  • Listening Effectively
  • Decision Making Through Ethical and Leadership Lenses
  • Writing for the Bottom Line High Impact 
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Setting up a Crisis Communications Plan
  • Making the Most of Networking and Professional Development Opportunities
  • Mastering Difficult Workplace Communication Challenges
  • Mastering Media Interviews
  • Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Using Personal Journaling as a Professional Development Tool
  • Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Understanding the the As to Zs of Event Planning
  • Polishing Your Followership Skills
  • Mastering Self-Leadership
  • Recruiting Organizations to Work with Your Students
  • Dealing with Passive Aggressive Behaviors in the Workplace
  • Getting Things Done When You're Not the Boss
  • Staying Positive in Challenging Times
  • Moving Out of Your Comfort Zones

I also develop and facilitate educational programs for summer interns at different organizations. 

Contact me at mitchell (at) or +1-415-517-5756 to discuss bringing me in to speak to your organization. 

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Updated July 19, 2020

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