Shout-Outs from Clients, Students, and Others

Here's a testimonial from a former student based on my work as a Dean. 

"Mitchell is a true connector of people, and he does so authentically and joyfully. His energy and enthusiasm are incomparable. . . At Presidio Graduate School, Mitchell was a compassionate presence and the person in the administration that students turned to when they had questions or needed guidance, even if the inquiry was outside of his specific purview, because we knew that he would help in whatever way he could. That level of responsiveness and care should never be taken for granted."

And here's one from a student in a class I taught on communication strategies for leaders:

"Thank you for a truly excellent learning experience. . .I enjoyed it and looked forward to the class every week, and I think I improved as a writer and speaker as well. Your energy and passion for the material shows and makes a huge difference!"

Check back here for additional, current shout-outs from clients and others. Check out my LinkedIn profile to partake of the bounty of testimonials from students, administrators, clients, and colleagues about my work. 

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