Shout-Outs from Students, Clients, and Others

Here's a sampling of the feedback I received on the "Communication for Managers" course I recently taught at the Naval Postgraduate School:

Of the courses taken during my time at NPS, I find myself using your material the most.  In fact, I was just asked to join my commander’s front office staff as a speechwriter and command briefer for local community outreach.  So, thank you for the prep! 

Keep this instructor. I thought he was energetic, respectful, and well educated in the subject matter. I found it easy to learn from his style of teaching which was to review the theory and then exercise it without making the process overly complicated.

Great class and I will be recommending Dr. Friedman as the go-to professor for the incoming cohort.

Prof. Friedman designed the course very well. Every aspect fed into the other. He was passionate about the content and made it easier to step out of my own box to push myself in learning the material.

I really liked how the course was structured. It really went through a logical progression that definitely helped me learn how to communicate more effectively. Dr. Friedman was a great teacher who encouraged class participation and really helped the students learn the material.

Prof Friedman did a good job of engaging everyone and served as a model for speaking in front of a group. He also does a good job in providing feedback to our assignments.

Instructor was great! Always very prepared and able to clearly answer questions and provide extra information. Very professional in feedback and could tell he cared about our success. Went above and beyond to ensure students were able to get the results they desired if willing to do the work. Pleasant and always engaging.

Dr. Friedman is very enthusiastic. This was my most enjoyable class this quarter. Thank you.

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Updated May 18, 2021

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