My articles have been published in scholarly and other peer-reviewed journals as follows:

Leadership Development in Undergraduate Public Relations Students: A Case Study. This article was based on my doctoral dissertation;  

Developing and Teaching the Crisis Communication Course

The 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery Programs as an Influence on Leadership Development: A Personal Narrative

Foreward to December 2017 Issue of International Journal for Transformative Research. I'm on the editorial board of this publication. And,

How to Find, Secure, and Maintain Part-Time Teaching Positions in Public Relations, which was published in 2015 in In Neff, B., & Johnson, T.L. (Eds.), Learning to teach: What you need to know to develop a successful career as a public relations educator (4th edition), New York, NY: Public Relations Society of America.

I've also had chapters published in books entitled Collaboration and Peak Performance (on Pike Place Fish Market) and Lessons in Leadership: Tips for an Emerging P-20 Leader in the 21st Century (on my personal leadership development story, which later morphed into the aforementioned article on addiction and leadership development). I co-authored a chapter on becoming an Academic Influencer in the 2021 book Social Media Influencers and the Changing Landscape of Brand Communication

Finally, numerous business and trade publications have published my work. Most recently, these include Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, which ran three of my articles: one, on the role of the public information officer in emergency response; a second, on self-leadership; and a third, on my career path in public relations.  

Elsewhere, you can read articles published about my adjunct teaching experienceroles of an organizational spokespersonreasons to conduct media interview training; and crafting objectives for public relations campaigns.

Updated May 18, 2021

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