Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed

These articles have been
published in scholarly and other peer-reviewed journals.

Leadership Development in Undergraduate Public Relations Students: A Case Study. This article was based on my doctoral dissertation;  

Developing and Teaching the Crisis Communication Course

The 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery Programs as an Influence on Leadership Development: A Personal Narrative; and 

Foreward to December 2017 Issue of International Journal for Transformative Research

I've also had chapters published in books entitled Collaboration and Peak Performance and Lessons in Leadership: Tips for an Emerging P-20 Leader in the 21st Century.

Finally, I've had published numerous articles about various aspects of public relations over the last two decades. For example, take a look at pieces I've written about objectives in public relations campaignswriting press releases; and media training.  

Business and Trade Publications

Hundreds of publications have published articles I submitted over the past two decades. Some addressed my adjunct teaching experience; questions to ask about press releases before they're disseminated; and crafting objectives for public relations campaigns

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Updated July 31, 2018

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